AKE is dedicated to safety for both personnel and work environment, AKE’s safety commitment is maintained through number of measures being adopted by us.

In keeping with this policy, all members of management and supervision of what ever grade, are always reminded that safety must take equal importance with cost and construction and that they have a moral and legal responsibility for the safety and health of all employees under their control as laid down in safety manuals, Jordanian Law and other applicable Safety Standards.

Safety of the works and employees are on the top priorities during execution of works for any contract. Therefore we strictly adhere to safety regulations and it is considered one of the site engineer’s duties unless otherwise requested by the contract or deemed necessary by nature of works, in which case we will recruit a full time safety officer.

For Accident Prevention Program the following measures are taken on site:

  • All staff members and workers have to wear safety helmets on site at all times, no one person is allowed to enter the work site without a helmet.
  • Wearing safety boots is a must when site conditions requires so and never allowed to wear any light foot wear on site.
  • Each scaffold above 1.5m high has to be checked and approved by the Site Engineer, Project Manager, or the Safety Officer before it can be put in use.
  • No electrical hand tools especially Grinders are allowed to be used on site without the Safety covers and accessories.
  • Workers using the electrical hand tools or cutting & welding machines have to wear eye protection and protective gloves. Otherwise, will not allowed to operate.
  • Work site is completely sealed against alien entry. Site is closed by means of borders clearly marked on “Work site, No Entry” and no third party is allowed in without prior permission.
  • Doors and openings of service and elevator shafts in addition to any un‐ covered opening in walls are closed by banners clearly marked “Dangerous or Approach with care”.
  • No loose ended electrical wires are allowed on site what so ever even if power is disconnected.
  • A temporary electrical distribution board is fixed on site for use to execute the works, use of other power outlets is prohibited and connection to panel board has to be done by means of a socket and not exposed wires.
  • No one allowed to work neither underneath finishing works scaffold nor within an area of 2m around it.
  • Working above 4m height requires wearing of safety belt tithed to a rigid surface or roof.
  • If working on external elevations at any floor above Ground Floor, a safety platform is fixed at slab level around working area to prevent any falling items from reaching the floor or colliding with pedestrian or other premises.
  • When demolishing existing structures or walls, no workers are allowed in the area except the demolishers and their tools and no debris are allowed to be cleared out unless demolishing process is stopped.

Measures taken if an Accident Occurs:

  • Each work site is provided with a complete set of First Aid, for small injuries.
  • Project is provided with a transport vehicle to evacuate injured to the nearest emergency facility if the case requires so.
  • Our company is registered at the Social Security Directorate and all our staff members and workers are covered. The company is regularly paying the required rates to cover Work Accidents and Trade Diseases. Therefore, the Directorate is informed directly about any accident within 24 hours to take legal actions towards treatment fees of injured.
  • Our Company’s Policy is to Insure All Our Contracts for “Contractors All Risk “and “Workman’s Compensation Policy“ which covers:
  1. The Value of Works Involved in Contract.
  2. Existing Property
  3. Third Party Liability.
  4. Workmen against Accidents.

Our Nominated Insurers are:  Islamic Insurance Co.

                                                Amman, Jordan

General and Safety Conditions:

  1. AKE shall ensure that all AKE personnel will adhere to Safety Rules and loss Prevention Procedures as outlined with respect to the international standards.
  2. AKE shall be responsible for the safety of his personnel on the Job site and shall ensure proper safety equipment are worn.
  3. It shall be AKE responsibility to visit the job site and verify all Information regarding site conditions, accessibility, adjoining structures and dimensional accuracy of all drawings prior to submitting his bid and or starting a job.
  4. AKE shall indicate and identify the person who will be on site at all Times in a supervisor capacity and is authorized to receive a Contractor Work Permit.
  5. AKE shall be responsible for keeping the work area in a clean Condition. All trash, rags, paper and other discarded materials are to be picked up and placed in designated containers for removal.
  6. All solid and liquid waste should be disposed in the appropriate disposal locations designated by the Main Contractor.
  7. AKE personnel are not allowed to leave their job site without reason and wander around in the project area, nor sleep within the project site area.